When dealing with aggression -- whether

 frustrated aggression, leash aggression (only

 aggressive on the leash but fine off the

 leash), possessive aggression, fearful or

 defensive aggression, or people- / dog-

 aggression -- there are usually many factors

 involved. Some of the things you might hear

 me teach and recommend would include:

  • Setting-up a diet & excercise plan
  • Establishing positive yet strong leadership skills between the owner and dog
  • Establishing "house rules" 
  • Training for reliable obedience, especially the heel, sit, and go place commands             under all distractions
  • Teaching your dog to "walk away" from a perceived "threat" and creating a "safe place" for your dog
  • Counter-conditioning to the stimulus
  • Positive and proper muzzle training

 My goal is not for your dog to "like" all the other  people or dogs, but rather to "co-exist"  peaceably. You should be able to go for a walk  or go to the vet without hassle.

 Cost for this six week private program is between

 $300.00-$450.00, depending on the severity of

 the case. If the dog is people-aggressive or 

 already has a city record, or if Animal Control

 is involved, a behavioral evaluation is required.

 The cost for this evaluation is an additional


Training Programs

  • Heel - at your left side
  • Let's Go - loose leash / either side
  • Sit - up to 2 minutes while greeting guest
  • Down
  • Down Stay  -  up to 20 minutes
  • Go Place - on dog bed with toy
  • Come - from distances and distractions
  • Free  - to release from commands
  • Jumping - on people and/or furniture
  • Barking and whining
  • Digging
  • Destructive chewing - "Drop it" command
  • Play-biting and mouthing
  • Hyper-activity
  • Anxieties
  • Aggressions
  • and many more....

PRIVATE  This six-week ON-LEASH PROGRAM is for dogs older than four months and begins in your home and finishes up at a city park, for distraction proofing. This program covers all three phases of learning - positive training (treats), reinforcement, and distraction proofing so you are comfortable having company over or going for a walk around the block or on an outing to the park.Some of the obedience commands and behavioral issues sovled in this program include:

 Linnea was invaluable in assisting us

 with food aggression, over-excitement

 and separation anxiety. She is

 professional, flexible and patient with

 a quiet controlled style that is a joy to  watch.

                    -- Terri Parker of VGSR

PUPPY This private program is done in your home and is designed for puppies under five months old. It covers: 1) puppy obedience with age appropriate commands like sit, down, come, and go to place; 2) puppy topics like crate training, house-breaking, appropriate toys, and nutrition; 3) puppy behavioral issues like chewing, jumping, mouthing / play-biting, barking, etc.; 4) social skills involving environment, people, and other dogs; and 5) handling skills for grooming and vet care.    

Cost is $125 for three private lessons and includes FREE group puppy play dates if other puppies are currently in training.

AKC Canine Good CItizen

This four-week class covers the training required to pass the 10 test steps of the AKC test, which is taken at the last class. I have over 20 years experience as an AKC-CGC Evaluator and Instructor.

Cost is $150.00 and includes the test fees.


A SINGLE PRIVATE LESSON can address your personal need, situation, or training goals. Examples of past lessons have included (but are certainly not limited to) housebreaking, boundary training, greeting people without jumping, and walking politely on a leash. There is no training equipment or free group classes with this one-time lesson. You are welcome to do several lessons, if needed, to master a concept. The typical lesson usually lasts between 1-2 hours.  Cost is $45.00.

Cost is $290.00 which includes weekly hand written homework, all the training equipment needed (a $50 value), and two free group classes.


This is a great training option and offers ultimate safety for those who go to the area's parks and beaches or on hikes. The dog must be older than six months and have at least started (or already completed) the on-leash program. Many dogs can get really close to completing off-leash training in the six-week on-leash course. Let me know your goals on your first lesson and we can talk about your options and the cost.

Over 25 Years of Training Experience


These classes are especially designed for children. As a mother of five, I KNOW the importance of the whole family being involved in the training of the family pet. This private program is 3 sessions and covers walking, sit, go place, and off (including no jumping and no biting). 

Cost is $175.00 (per family).

rewarding with treats

hanging out together


BOARD & TRAIN PROGRAM  (Not currently offered.)This program is a great alternative to the busy or out of town dog owner. During this program, the dog lives in my home for 12-14 days. Upon the completion of the boarding stay, there are 2-4 private transfer lessons to the owner. The first lesson is at my house and the following lessons are in the owner's home or park. The commands taught and behavioral issues covered in this program are the same as those listed above in the private program.

Please note: I accept only a very few dogs at a time into this program. I want each dog to feel at home with us and not like they are in a crazy, noisy kennel. There is a lot of time spent with each dog just being a "part of the family," which might include a good morning massage, playing soccer with the boys, or watching a movie in the evening with the family while holding a "go place" command. Each of my children are a large part of the training experience in both being distractions and in rewarding the dog's obedience with treats. Because of my children's close involvement, Nicely Trained Canines no longer accepts people-aggressive nor dog-aggressive dogs into this program.

Cost is $1250.00 for the boarding, training, and 2-3 private transfer lessons; it also includes hand-written homework, training equipment, and unlimited free group classes.  


The group classes are offered through the Cheyenne Rec Center.