Testimonial from Terri Parker of Virginia

 German Shepherd Rescue:

 ​Anyone looking to resolve behavioral issues

 with their four legged companions would not

 go wrong with hiring Linnea! She showed us,

 by example, the true meaning of a calm pack

 leader who is in control of her environment.

 She was invaluable in assisting us with food

 aggression, over-excitement and separation

 anxiety. Not only did Linnea aid us in using

 these techniques, but she demonstrated them

 in our home environment, which made all the

 difference. She also taught us to use the least

 amount of effort to extinguish the problem. In

 addition, she imparted background information

 and other details to help make her points stick.

 Linnea is professional, flexible and patient with

 a quiet controlled style that is a joy to watch.

 These attributes, combined with the support

 and encouragement she gives her clients, are

 highly effective, and I wholeheartedly

 recommend her!

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

Private lessons and or test can be arranged by appointment. No class is required to test. Test fee is $25. Private lesson (if needed) is $45.

class schedules for 2019

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Connor, Abby and Cali at the beach.

Over 25 Years of Training Experience

Private Lessons 

These private 1-2 hour lessons can be scheduled Monday through Friday after 1pm. Saturday from 8am - 4pm.

Group Basic obedience Class Schedule  

Basic Obedience Classes are held at the Cheyenne Rec Center and must be registered through the Rec Center at 307-637-6423. Classes are $100 for 6 weeks. Classes are taught by two highly experienced instructors - Linnea & Marchia. This class is designed for dogs 3 months and older. You'll learn foundation behaviors, walking on a loose leash, heel, sit, down, 2-5 min stays, recall/come, leave it and other good social manners like at the front door. The first class is for humans only - leave your pooch at home.


Feb 17 - Mar 24         3pm & 4:30p

April 28 - June 9        3pm & 4:30p

June 30 - Aug 4         3pm & 4:30p

Sept 8 - Oct 13          3pm & 4:30p

Speciality Classes @ Rec Center

Register through the Rec Center at 307-637-6423

AKC Canine Good Citizen Class & Test

Mar 7 - Mar 28        $110/4 weeks  @6pm

Learn Canine Massage     June 6 @ 6pm          $30

Distance Commands Class   July 20 @ 4pm   $50

Recall Class            Aug 3 @ 4pm              $50